I want to hear from you.

My name is Penfield Tate III and I'm running for Mayor of Denver to make our government accountable to the people. To do that, I need your help. Tell me what you care about most.

Everything I do is about respect.

Penfield Tate III, candidate for Denver Mayor

Respect for women and men, old and young. No matter what you look like. No matter how much money you’ve got. No matter who you love.

Respect for an inclusive democracy. All people should be empowered to shape the policies that impact their lives. Not big developers. Not special interest groups.

Respect for integrity in our public institutions. They must operate transparently and with the highest standard of ethics if they are to earn and keep our trust and serve us effectively.

And respect for you. Your voice should resonate loudest down the halls of city government.

My name is Penfield Tate III and I am running for Mayor of Denver because too many have failed to show you the respect you deserve. They’ve failed to include all voices, to ensure growth and prosperity doesn’t benefit some at the expense of others and failed to hold themselves accountable, to govern with utmost integrity.

Over a lifetime of public service, including terms in the State House and State Senate, I’ve worked hard to fight for a better Colorado for everyone while upholding these ideals.

Over the course of this campaign I will be working hard to earn your respect, and your support to serve you as the next Mayor of Denver.

Will you join me?






Penfield W. Tate III

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Penfield Tate's father


I learned about standing up for civil rights and doing what is right from my Father — Penfield Tate II was an All American Football Player, an Artillery Officer in the Army and a great trial lawyer. Over forty years ago as Mayor of Boulder he authored and got approval for one of the first ordinances protecting the LGBTQ Community from discrimination in the City of Boulder. Even in liberal Boulder, the community at that time did not approve and he was subjected to a recall and eventually lost his seat. My Father never expressed one word of regret for doing what was right. As a Lawyer he was equally fearless— together we successfully took on cases of police brutality and racial and sexual discrimination and won. I can say without equivocation that Colorado is a better place to live for the work of my Father and others in the Tate family.