Denver needs a new direction and energy to address the real issues that confront us. Denver needs a mayor who is accessible, ethical and transparent. The time to lead Denver’s future is now.


Raised in Colorado, Penfield Tate grew up learning about the importance of public service from his father, Penfield Tate II, the first and only black Mayor of Boulder, Colorado. As an attorney, he’s represented workers in employment claims and helped cities secure funding to build big projects. Working under Mayor Peña and Governor Romer, Penfield learned how to lead community focused government and solve problems together. He served our community as a state legislator and championed civil rights, women’s health care, LGBTQ equality, and better education for students with disabilities. Penfield has played an active role in Denver’s politics, serving as Vice Chair of the Democratic Party and as a panelist on Colorado Inside Out. He also spent many years on the board of Denver Water, helping craft creative solutions for water use and conservation in a rapidly changing climate. Penfield has a long history of serving his family, neighborhood, and community, and now he’s running for Mayor to bring back the promise of this great city and lead Denver’s future.

Everyone knows and politicians all say, to manage a great city you need a commitment to making sure that the city is run in a competent manner. A commitment to addressing the needs of neighborhoods by seeing services delivered, ensuring that employees are supported and empowered to discharge their duties effectively and competently, and that every voice is heard and listened to.

We need to become a learning city: a city that through listening, knowledge, learning, education and embracing the whole, grows individual empowerment and social inclusion, generates and balances economic growth with sustainable development. This is being done across the world, and we need to do it in Denver.

As your next mayor, I will bring together a community of people from all neighborhoods, backgrounds and political persuasions to become one. To unite and to rebuild and reimagine a Great American City and to lead Denver’s future.

Penfield Tate's fatherI learned about standing up for civil rights and doing what is right from my Father — Penfield Tate II was an All American Football Player, an Artillery Officer in the Army and a great trial lawyer. Over forty years ago as Mayor of Boulder he authored and got approval for one of the first ordinances protecting the LGBTQ Community from discrimination in the City of Boulder. Even in liberal Boulder, the community at that time did not approve and he was subjected to recall and eventually lost his seat. My Father never expressed one word of regret for doing what was right. As a Lawyer he was equally fearless— together we successfully took on cases of police brutality and racial and sexual discrimination and won. I can say without equivocation that Colorado is a better place to live for the work of my Father and others in the Tate family.