Denver Mayor Michael Hancock needs to back our teachers and issue a proclamation supporting Denver Classroom Teachers Association in their negotiations with DPS.

If Denver is to remain a world class city, we must have a world class education system. That means protecting our future by protecting our teachers. Please sign the petition.


The Denver Classroom Teachers Association has been negotiating with the district for 14 months to bring change to a compensation system that is directly linked to Denver’s teacher turnover crisis. Teacher turnover is already very high and increasing in Denver Public Schools. In fact, 31% of Denver teachers have only been in their school for three years or less. The revolving door is a crisis for kids and families who count on DPS to consistently provide a caring, qualified and experienced teaching staff at every school.

The Denver Classroom Teachers Association announced that its members have approved a strike after negotiations with Denver Public Schools did not reach an agreement on a fair compensation system. We are now waiting to see if DPS request for state intervention will move forward.  This is a tactic being deployed to delay DCTA’s effort to strike.

The Denver Classroom Teachers Association voted to strike for the following reasons:

  1. Lack of competitive pay creates enormous stress on teachers and students.
  • Denver educators are struggling to afford to live in the same communities where they teach. Many hold additional jobs to survive. Our communities, families, and teachers deserve better.
  • Teachers have left for other communities and even other professions because DPS fails to treat teaching as a professional career.
  • Students suffer and their achievement drops when experienced, high-quality educators are disrespected and leave DPS classrooms.
  1. Base salary must significantly increase for all educators.
  • Denver educators make less base pay than educators in nine surrounding metro counties.
  • ProComp is an unpredictable pay system littered with one-time bonuses that are outside of educators’ control and that change in both size and availability year-to-year.
  • Uncertainty and lack of transparency in take-home pay does not make Denver an attractive place for educators to build their own careers and raise their own families.
  1. DPS has shown it is unwilling to invest in teachers.
  • DPS leaders continue to bargain in bad faith and refuse to increase educator compensation to a living wage.
  • Administration refuses to put policies in place that encourage teaching as a professional career worthy of professional pay. Meanwhile, consultants and a bloated administration are making millions that should instead go directly to the classroom.

We are calling on Mayor Michael Hancock to pass a proclamation affirming support for our teachers.


Penfield Tate, III and other signatories.