Growth and the development it brings is inevitable. How we manage, design and direct growth and development is the key. Development should work for and with Denver’s people and our communities — not be done to us. To protect what we all love about Denver, we have to enact smarter growth plans. That means reigning in developers. Denver is a city that prides itself on doing things better. So many great neighborhoods have withstood the test of time because of first-rate planning and design. Stapleton and Lowry are recognized nationally as new developments that got it right – But, much of the stuff built in recent years – not so much.

This is because we have a City Government that puts the interests of developers ahead of those of neighborhoods – too much density, not enough parking, not enough green space or parks, failure to live up to commitments for affordable and attainable housing, for sale and rent, and architecture that ruins the character of neighborhoods. I will change Denver’s course by:

  • Revamping the permitting process so neighborhoods are consulted and advised at the earliest point possible.
  • Eliminate the loophole that lets developers buy out of affordable housing requirement.
  • Strong arm developers to make sure projects throughout the City contain an affordability component.
  • I will hire the best urban planner in American to run my planning department – one who knows you work with not against neighborhoods
  • Making certain that developers pay their fair share for the impact they are having on schools, our infrastructure, and public services.
  • Incorporating aesthetic requirements that preserve neighborhood character

Other cities have announced a desire to stop the “Denverization” of their communities. We need to stop the “Denverization“ of Denver.