Denver has developed a reputation as a ‘Pay to Play’ City and that must end.  Millions of our tax dollars (or what I call a corruption tax) has gone to pay for cover-ups and to pay for misconduct on the part of the top officials at City Hall up to and including the Mayor.

Simply put too many have not lived up to the high standards we have a right to expect from our elected officials.

Passage of 2E was a great first step on campaign reform – but as I said when I endorsed it, 2E is only the beginning. Here’s what I will do:

  • Appoint an Independent Ethics Monitor with the resources to investigate official misconduct and report to the public.
  • A $100 limit on donations to any Denver Political Committee by any company or the principal of any company doing business with the City.
  • Transparency in every aspect of City Government – Citizens should not have to file expensive and cumbersome open record acts request – I will have every non-privileged City document online.